EHS Ergonomics improvement EXO-Suit exoskeleton,AMB Aluminum alloy rail,Industrial manipulator,Fuel transfer pump,Hyetone



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EHS Ergonomics improvement EXO-Suit exoskeleton,AMB Aluminum alloy rail,Industrial manipulator,Fuel transfer pump,Hyetone

Guangzhou Hyetone Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

    Guangzhou Hyetone Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. (Hyetone Industry) has been deeply engaged in the field of human-machine interaction technology for 20 years, focusing on the use of machinery and intelligent enabling industry workers, taking fluid power technology as the innovation foundation, and adopting a differentiated competition strategy in the high-end intelligent equipment segment market, Taking "human engineering, profiling process, motion capture, motion recognition, tactile interaction, life monitoring, simulation" and other "human-machine interaction technologies" as the core, integrating the strength of human body and machinery, to reduce the physical burden and expand the physical output, and combining with the Intellidyne5G Internet of Things platform, to collect users' light labor data, grasp the labor situation in real time, and promote efficient production.
    Among them, the AMB body welding adjustment line complex fittings, high-strength complex section aluminum alloy rails, EXO wearable man-machine cooperation exoskeleton, FAP fluid power key components and other products, which are representative of Haitong Industry, have established and realized the situation of replacing imported equipment with independent national brands, and continued to achieve technological breakthroughs and development around the industrial concept of "machines help human production better".


Hyetone Design Center

HYETONE is a national recognized high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Intelligent Human Computer Interaction Exoskeleton Engineering Technology Research Center, a backbone (nurturing) robot enterprise in Guangdong Province, a specialized and new enterprise in Guangdong Province, and a municipal research and development institution in Guangzhou. Through independent research and development, HYETONE owns domestic human computer interaction technology and holds independent intellectual property rights, including human-computer interaction intelligent power equipment Wearable man-machine cooperation exoskeleton and key components of fluid power have formed a number of domestic invention patents.

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Building intelligent equipment industrial park

After 10 years of R&D accumulation, the development of Hyetone intelligent equipment has entered a stage of technological achievements explosion. In the past three years, Hyetone has made sufficient orders, built its core team, and demonstrated its brand building effect. The upstream and downstream customer relationships have been steadily expanded. It has a good market position in automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, intelligent factories, and other fields, ranking top in the industry.

With the key promotion and support of Guangzhou Huadu District Government and the national intelligent medium and high-end equipment manufacturing, Haitong Industry has obtained 23 mu of industrial land in Huadu Automobile City (near the Khmer Rouge Avenue), invested 120 million yuan to plan and build a "human-machine interactive intelligent assistance equipment industrial park" with a building area of 28000 square meters

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