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  • Registered capital increased to ¥22.58 million

  • AMB Products Export, Shipment for Phase III Contract for Tesla Motors Factory in California, U.S.A.

  • China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) Visits Hyetone Industry, Civil-Military Integration to Build a Stronger Nation Together.

  • Hyetone Industry has been authorized to total of 112 patents.

  • The foundation stone of "Hyetone Intelligent Human-machine Interaction Intelligent Equipment Huadu Industrial Park" was laid!

  • The "Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction Exoskeleton Engineering and Technology Center" passed the recognition of Guangdong Engineering and Technology Research Center!


  • Welcome to the new era of 5G Hyetone Industry and China Telecom signed industrial Internet informationization project cooperation

  • Collaboration with Jilin University to develop human health detection devices and exoskeleton applications.

  • Audi Germany HQ to exchange EXO exoskeleton with Hyetone Industry

  • EXO Exoskeleton Wins Award of Merit in Ultra Warrior 2019 Competition.


  • AMB Intelligent equipment out of the country Indonesia Xiaokang project launched

  • Awarded the certification of Baiyun District Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit.

  • EXO Exoskeleton at the Wuhan Taiwan Cross-Strait Labor Development Exchange Meeting

  • Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation with CUHK Medical Products Agency and Technology Development.

  • Officially renamed Hyetone Industry

  • Obtained first round of funding in 2018 - Angel Round


  • Established "Human-Machine Interaction Equipment R&D Center" with Nissan.

  • Obtained more than 60 national patents

  • Obtained the project of Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Program - Major Tackling Program with 2 million RMB.


  • Obtained the certification of high-tech enterprises, the special fund for technological innovation of science and technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises in Guangzhou, the certification of

  • Recognized as a backbone enterprise of robotics in Guangdong Province; recognized as a municipal R&D institution; recognized as a consistent standard of intellectual property; recognized as a famous t


  • Obtained ISO9001 quality management system and occupational health and safety management system certification


  • 2004 Hyetone was established with a registered capital of ¥1 million .

  • Introduction of European and American high-tech pneumatic and fluid industrial equipment

  • Established to provide industrial safety lift assembly systems for safe production lines.

  • Jointly developed research with South China University of Technology and the National Research Center for Metal Materials Industry.