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New energy industry coil OHT intelligent loading and unloading to help the robot application of the planning

Source:Hyetone | Date:Jul 26th,2023
New energy to replace traditional energy is an inevitable trend. According to the 2014 General Office of the State Council issued the "Energy Development Strategy Action Plan" shows that in 2020 China's non-fossil energy accounted for the proportion of primary consumption should be raised to 15%, by 2050 renewable energy will become the main force of energy supply, the proportion of electricity consumption is expected to reach 80%.
After years of development, the domestic has emerged a number of global leading new energy industry leading companies, now China's photovoltaic industry chain in the world has an absolute advantage, new energy automobile sales in the world accounted for a very high proportion, the industry to accelerate the substitution trend has been formed. In the face of the vast prospects of the new energy industry.
The new energy industry is hot, first driven by new energy power generation and new energy vehicle battery production and demand. In the battery industry, BYD, Ningde Times, Samsung, Panasonic, LG and other leading battery companies occupy half of the new energy power. In order to make the production more efficient and safer, many battery manufacturers on the OHT loading and unloading equipment in the industry to pay attention to the use of OHT automatic or semi-automatic loading and unloading technology in the field of new energy applications are increasing, for the new energy, especially the battery production of large-scale development and utilization of the technology to provide a solid support.
As a matter of fact, with the increasingly flexible connection between the manufacturing processes of power batteries and the increasingly close connection between production lines and warehouses, power battery manufacturers also have higher requirements for OHT loading and unloading.
Due to rising labor costs, the development of automation technology, the more and more companies began to introduce OHT automatic loading and unloading robot, but some companies due to various reasons for the limitations of the combination of the actual situation with their own enterprises, the same will choose the AMB man-machine interaction coil loading and unloading booster robot, automatic loading and unloading robot is mainly related to the product type, capacity beat, production process, supporting equipment, process balance rate The automatic loading and unloading robot is mainly related to the product type, capacity beat, production process, supporting equipment, process balance rate, layout and staffing.
How to choose between the two methods of OHT automatic loading and AMB loading and unloading booster robot booster equipment? Here are a few important evaluation factors for you.

OHT automatic loading and unloading robot solutions
1、Layout of loading machine
OHT automatic loading and unloading robot is suitable for high-volume products, the machine parallel line layout of the coil production, a single automatic loading X to cover the range of more than 20m, left and right side of the machine can meet the loading and unloading, if a single machine, single-station loading and unloading, the choice of the AMB man-machine interactive coil loading and unloading booster robot is more appropriate;
2、Automation peripheral supporting
The use of OHT automatic loading and unloading robot, need to be synchronized with the configuration of Docking trolley or AGV automatic feeding to meet the positioning accuracy of the robot automatic material picking, peripheral support, if you can not meet in time, then AMB human-computer interaction type coil loading and unloading booster robot.
3, the process of product quality requirements
Manual operation makes the product quality is not stable, such as carbon fiber coils produce extrusion fragile and other risks, the use of automatic loading and unloading can effectively avoid the potential human risk of manual operation;
4、Difficulty of loading and unloading operation
The main operation of loading and unloading operations mainly involves the weight of the roll material, loading height, variable flip angle, if the weight of the roll material> 500Kg or more, the use of AMB loading and unloading power manipulator operation of the corresponding inertia is larger, at the same time, if the loading height is greater than 1.7 meters, based on Ergonomics to assess the risk of the reel alignment axis is higher than the range of vision, the operation is more difficult to choose automatic loading and unloading manipulator is more appropriate. Suitable.

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