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China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) visited Hyetone-Civil-Military Integration to Build the Foundation of a Strong Country Continued

Source:未知 | Date:Dec 25th,2019



Visiting Organization: China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation 10th Research Institute Guizhou Aerospace Control Technology Co.
Intended products: AMB assistive equipment, EXO human-computer collaboration exoskeleton: metal back, elastic waist, random sitting, strong hand and other human-computer interaction assistive products.





The 10th Academy of Astronautics mentioned in the meeting that they were deeply impressed by the exoskeleton exhibited by HITECH at the recently concluded Hi-Tech Fair in November, and learned through exchanges that both sides were involved in the research and development of exoskeleton application technology in the military field and also participated in a number of military exoskeleton competitions. The 10th Aerospace Academy believes that as a private enterprise, Hai Tong Industry attaches importance to research and development, and has a sharper observation and richer experience in market situation and judgment. It is hoped that the two sides will find their respective energy points through subsequent more in-depth visits and exchanges, and explore a new cooperation mode through the promotion of private enterprises by state-owned enterprises, complementarity of advantages, platform integration, etc., so as to cultivate more good products for the exoskeleton market that can really benefit the people.

"As long as the technology is excellent, private small enterprises can also have a 'strong military dream'". Civil-military integration is not only a national strategy and the trend of the times, but also a test of the responsibility and commitment of private entrepreneurs. Hai Tong Industry will take more practical actions to actively promote the development of 'civil-military integration', accelerate the transformation of old and new kinetic energy, and contribute to the construction of advanced manufacturing industry.

Guangzhou Hyetone Industrial Technology Co., Ltd. adopts a differentiated competition strategy in the intelligent equipment market segment based on the fluid power key component technology, and forms a series of intelligent equipment host products with distinctive technical highlights and differentiated competitiveness with "human-computer interaction technology" as the core. The main products include AMB power-assisted manipulator, human factors efficacy lifting device, EXO exoskeleton: elastic waist, metal waist, metal back, FAP intelligent brushless refueling pump, etc., which provide human-computer interaction and light labor solutions for different production environments and work forms.

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