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Parts and components intelligent conveying equipment system application program


汽车排气管焊接辅助搬运Automotive Exhaust Pipe Welding Auxiliary Handling

Adopting Hyetone Industry AMB series intelligent soft rope folding arm host, embedded intelligent suspension cylinder, lightweight, integrated fast positioning fixture structure design, to realize the auxiliary exhaust pipe welding, assembly process of fast handling and alignment, to achieve high efficiency and dexterity of the operational needs.


汽车轮毂CNC加工辅助搬运Automobile wheel hub CNC machining auxiliary handling

Adopting  AMB series intelligent soft rope folding arm mainframe, embedded intelligent suspension cylinder, lightweight, mechanical quick-lock fixture structure design, for the characteristics of automotive wheel CNC finishing industry, to achieve the blank wheel from the frame to the machining center quickly and easily transplantation, to achieve high efficiency, flexible operation needs.


汽车轮胎生产线辅助搬运Automotive Tire Production Line Auxiliary Handling

Adopting the AMB series of high-strength aluminum alloy rail system of Hyetone Industry to meet the production area of ultra-long and ultra-wide as a range, compatible with the reliable linkage fixture structure of multiple tires, realizing the tire production line's demand for flexible, high-efficiency handling, stable and reliable operations.

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