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Industry assists in the intelligence of exoskeletons, and Haitong Industry creates intelligent exoskeleton systems

Source:未知 | Date:Oct 25th,2022

With the rapid development of science and technology in our country and the improvement of the national economic level, various intelligent devices have appeared in your life. Popular products nowadays, such as VR glasses, smartwatches, smartphones, etc.


With the rapid development of global manufacturing, intelligent wearable devices have gradually entered the era of digitization/intelligence. Workers no longer need to rely too much on their own strength, but instead rely on the power of machines or auxiliary tools to move larger/heavier objects.
It is understood that workers reduce the incidence of occupational diseases by using wearable exoskeleton-PHES7 metal backs, which can help alleviate fatigue and improve work efficiency. Metal backs not only protect the health and safety of workers, but also improve work efficiency. In addition, the PHES7 metal back, designed through ergonomics, makes it relatively small in size, lightweight, natural, comfortable, breathable, and very convenient to wear. All parts can be adjusted according to different users, providing maximum comfort for the wearer.
It is not difficult to see that metal back is currently used in some industries with high repetition and intensity, such as automobiles, assembly workshops, logistics, coal mine handling, and electricity. Through human-machine collaboration, we practice healthy and happy labor, and achieve intelligent manufacturing through human-machine interaction.


Digital management system for exoskeleton IOT
In order to meet the requirements of human-machine interaction and intelligent manufacturing, Haitong Industrial has developed an intelligent interaction system, which obtains the posture and work data of workers during their wearing period by wearing a detection bracelet; Data such as location, time action times, cumulative working time, arm lifting times, arm lifting duration, and assistance size (real-time assistance value is calculated separately for both arms) can be obtained through the Internet. And calculate the distribution of work intensity throughout the day, labor time, labor intensity, and how many calories are saved in the body. It can also obtain human heart rate (blood pressure), blood oxygen and other data through the Internet to detect whether the human body is still in a healthy state. If there is an abnormal state (such as abnormal heart rate, an alarm will be issued).


Hyetone Mission
Hyetone Industry will closely link the mission of building a national innovation brand for Chinese industrial equipment with the fate of the country, and continuously achieve technological breakthroughs and development around the product concept of "EHS human-machine improvement". To contribute the technology and strength of human-machine interaction industrial equipment to the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the realization of the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation. Product contact hotline: +86-400-018-2086.

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