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What issues should be noted when using KBK aluminum alloy rails?

Source:未知 | Date:Oct 24th,2022

The industrial production process cannot be separated from the track, and KBK aluminum alloy track is a common track in the industrial production process. Especially in the lifting situation of certain lifting objects, it is necessary to rely on these machines and equipment to help the relevant objects transport to the destination station faster and more successfully. However, for safety reasons, staff should also pay attention to the following points when using KBK aluminum alloy tracks.



1、 Before use, check the track first
Before each use of the track, it is necessary to inspect the track to ensure that it is in good working condition at all times. At the same time, in order to avoid hanging heavy objects falling due to loose parts, rotating parts should be inspected and lubricating oil should be applied in corresponding positions before each startup to ensure the safety of the entire equipment.
2、 Avoid overloading during use
Each type of track has a load-bearing regulation at the time of leaving the factory, which stipulates that workers cannot exceed the limit weight when hanging heavy objects. Therefore, please do not overload the use of the track, otherwise it may cause deformation of the aluminum alloy track, and serious danger may occur. During each handling of goods, operations should be carried out according to the prescribed weight and no objects other than the goods should be placed.
3、 After use, it needs to be maintained according to the specifications
After completing all work, please do not immediately close the KBK aluminum alloy track. But it is necessary to have the track shut down after completing the landing.
In the process of using KBK aluminum alloy tracks, we still need to develop corresponding maintenance plans based on the frequency of use of the track and related configured tools and equipment, and then regularly carry out corresponding cleaning, maintenance, repair, and maintenance work. Remember: Once any abnormalities are found in the track condition, in order to avoid obvious damage and safety accidents, it should be immediately stopped from use.


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