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What Is An Electric Drum Pump? How do they generally need to be maintained?

Source:未知 | Date:Oct 20th,2022
What is an electric oil drum pump?
It is a relatively new type of oil transportation machinery, widely used in various institutions and mining units to transport and pump various oil products such as diesel, kerosene, engine oil, etc. The pump has a compact structure, stable performance, and simple operation. As long as the pump body is inserted into the oil barrel and the power switch is turned on, the oil inside the barrel can be sucked out, which is convenient, labor-saving, and efficient.
What aspects are electric oil drum pumps suitable for?
The electric oil drum pump is suitable for pumping various low corrosive, impurity free, and low viscosity liquids from oil drums or similar containers. Equipped with different materials and motors, it can transport diesel, kerosene, engine oil, gasoline, hydraulic oil, animal and vegetable oil, milk, beverages, and chemical liquid media.
What are the classifications of electric oil drum pumps?
Electric oil barrel pumps include stainless steel electric oil barrel pumps, plastic electric barrel pumps, and aluminum alloy electric barrel pumps.
How to maintain an electric oil drum pump?
1. For new or unused pumps, the insulation resistance between all live parts and metal parts that may come into contact should be measured using a 550 volt megohmmeter after unpacking, and should not be less than 7 megohms when approaching operating temperature.
2. Before use, check whether each terminal is secure, and the grounding wire must be reliable and firm.
3. Check if the power supply voltage is equal to the rated voltage, and do not use it on a power supply with overload less than 10% of the rated voltage.
4. When using this series of electric pumps, do not damage the wires and prevent water and oil from entering the motor, switch, grower, and other components.
5. Prohibit ordinary motors from working under conditions containing flammable and corrosive gases to ensure the safe production and normal operation of all electrical components.
6. If there is any abnormal noise during use, the machine should be stopped immediately, the cause should be checked, and the fault should be eliminated before continuing to use.
7. It cannot be used for idle operation and should be stopped immediately after pumping liquid. Because idling can easily cause wear and even damage the pump pipes in severe cases.
8. When the brush is worn out and cannot be used, it should be replaced immediately to avoid damage to the commutator caused by brush damage, which may lead to motor burnout and other phenomena.
9. Regular inspections should be conducted to eliminate internal dust, oil stains, etc. If any parts are found to be damaged, they should be replaced in a timely manner.
10. When not in use, please place it in a dry, clean, and non corrosive gas environment.


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