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Chinese brand - Hyetone AMB™ helps Sallis factory to build stable quality for the world's leading automobiles

Source:Hyetone | Date:Jul 03th,2024
In the assembly workshop of Huawei's nearly 500,000-square-meter Sailix Liangjiang Intelligent Factory, everything from industrial robots to a tightening gun and a pair of gloves come from Germany's ABB, Festo, and Bosch, as well as well-known European brands such as Britain's Horseheads, Sweden's Atlas, and Australia's Ensign.
Almost equivalent to the German Bensch's automobile manufacturing equipment has created the stable quality of the automobile.
Among them, Guangzhou Hyetone Industry is the only equipment manufacturer from China mentioned - providing AMB™ self-branded industrial shift assembly booster equipment for the final assembly workshop of Ceres.

Guangzhou Hyetone Industry AMB™ man-machine interactive flexible transfer assembly booster equipment, as the only Chinese equipment brand mentioned in the SALIS assembly workshop manufacturing Huawei AITO asked the world, in the fierce environment of competition with the world's top enterprises, with Hai Tong Industry independently researched and developed brand products and technology, to win Huawei asked the world of automobiles to the favor and trust.
Why choose Hyetone Industry-AMB™ products?
The leading product "Human-machine interaction flexible transfer assembly booster" used by Hai Tong Industry to help Huawei build its car is based on independently developed core technologies such as human-computer interaction, hydrodynamic control, AMB™ vision algorithms, pneumatic, electric and hydraulic coupling logic suspension balance control, motion capture recognition, intelligent sensing, and Internet of Things realization, with the AMB™ human-machine interaction, fluid power control, and the AMB™ human-machine interaction algorithm developed by Hai Tong. Self-developed AMB™ man-machine collaboration booster device equipment, EXO wearable exoskeleton, as well as breakthroughs in foreign technology monopoly to achieve domestic substitution of pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, gears, sensors, seals, rails, hoists, balancing cranes, balancing lifts and other standardized hydrodynamic key components, to achieve the "visual perception and identification (eye)". Shifting assembly booster device (hand) - flexible production line (body)" in the integration of man-machine interaction flexible shifting assembly overall solution, help industrial production intelligence.
Among them, the successful development of AMB™ vision algorithm is the most core and key technological breakthrough in the man-machine interactive flexible loadshifting assembly booster equipment. The algorithm's performance is more stable in the face of noise, blockage, lighting changes, perspective changes and other disturbing factors, and the visual perception and recognition reaches the laser-level recognition accuracy of 0.01mm, which results in a high degree of integration of vision and loadshifting assembly booster equipment and maximizes the performance of the booster equipment. It gives full play to the freedom and flexibility of the booster device, perfectly solves the problems of load-shifting assembly production such as positioning and grabbing of parts, guided assembly, barcode recognition, assembly quality inspection and compatibility of multiple models, thus realizing the flexible intelligent assembly of the whole load-shifting assembly booster device production line.
"Hyetone industry does not do hidden in Europe and the United States behind the brand OEM, to their own brand in the world. It emphasizes the independent mastery of key core technologies and always takes technological innovation as the endogenous driving force of the enterprise." ---- Hai Tong Industry's brand strategy is not only a breakthrough, but also a revolution. It strives to be the leading enterprise of Chinese independent brand of high-end intelligent equipment.

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