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AMB human-machine interaction equipment helps automobile production line to assemble efficiently

Source:未知 | Date:Mar 22th,2022
The popularization and application of new energy vehicles
is optimizing China's energy consumption structure, reducing environmental pollution, and bringing people a more economical and comfortable way to travel.
and bringing people a more economical and comfortable way to travel, and
improve people's quality of life, is one of the important national strategies of China.
In a new energy vehicle
In a new energy vehicle's "windshield gluing and assembly project", Hai Tong Industry provided the glass gluing production line planning program in the form of AMB human-machine interaction assisted equipment + industrial robots for the project.
Let's take a look at what HITECH has to offer in the field of automotive gluing production line construction.




Requirement Matching
The customer mainly needs Hyetone  to plan the following work:
(1) Manual-assisted transfer and turning of front/rear windshield glass top pieces;
(2) Automatic gluing of front/rear windshield and side window glass;
(3) 3D scanning inspection of gluing quality to ensure gluing quality;
(4) Manually assisted installation of front and rear windshield glass;
It is said that the new energy automobile company attaches great importance to this project, and through multiple inspections and comprehensive consideration from various angles, such as technical strength, project undertaking ability, after-sales service level, etc., they believe that Hai Tong Industry is a technically mature and experienced EHS ergonomics intelligent manufacturing enterprise, and it is a trustworthy partner, and finally formally chose Hai Tong Industry as the supplier of its automobile assembly glass gluing production line.



A representative overall solution for glass gluing and assembly in automobile factories led by Chinese brands.
According to the introduction, Hyetone adopts the core technology of human-computer interaction, designs and plans the human-machine engineering environment according to the customer's production line site requirements, and provides the customer with the "human-machine mixed line" type glass gluing and assembly program of AMB intelligent human-machine interaction booster equipment + industrial robots, which is not only adapted to the assembly needs of the high beat, but also adapted to the comfort of the production line workers, The program not only adapts to the high beat assembly demand, but also adapts to the comfortable and safe working needs of line workers. It achieves more reasonable and efficient working conditions in the production line.


Based on the concept of EHS and ergonomics, Hyetone uses its own brand AMB aluminum alloy rail and self-designed AMB belt-type self-balancing mainframe to assist manual installation of front and rear windshields, and then automatically returns to the production line after the installation is completed. By optimizing the environment of the production line, the equipment is easy to operate and low noise during operation;
The gluing station is designed with independent layout, which is a complete set of solutions from glass feeding, loading, priming, gluing, testing, attitude adjustment and manual installation; the one-stop seamless connection of technology and equipment reduces the intensity of gluing labor, and the front/rear windshield can be installed to the car body by simple operation only;
The gluing pattern is complete and up to standard, and there is no broken glue, which effectively reduces the manual repair work.



Hyetone has planned a complete glass gluing design and planning for front/rear windshield and side window glass from material to installation to the body, which integrates industrial robots, gluing system, visual inspection system and automatic conveying line with AMB human-machine interaction technology and equipment to complete the human-machine cooperative work, realize manual assisted installation, automatic gluing of the glass and gluing quality inspection, and provide a visual operating system to facilitate the user to view the temperature, flow rate and gluing image, monitor the working condition of the gluing robot and the operation status of the windshield installation equipment. It is easy for users to check the temperature, flow rate and image of glue supply, monitor the working condition of the gluing robot and the operation status of the windshield installation equipment.
It is a representative total solution for glass gluing and assembly in automobile factories led by Chinese brands.


In the future, Hyetone  will work with colleagues in the industry to jointly promote the development of automotive intelligent manufacturing, and continuously deepen its efforts to provide customers with EHS human-computer interaction light labor solutions, to achieve the production of efficient material handling assembly, digital material handling lean planning, combined with the mature Internet technology platforms and to create intelligent manufacturing platforms and solutions.
We will not change our original intention and move forward hand in hand!


Hyetone Mission   
Hyetone Industry closely links the mission of building a national innovative brand of Chinese industrial equipment with the destiny of the country, and continues to realize technological breakthroughs and development around the product concept of "EHS Human-Machine Improvement". We will contribute the technology and power of human-machine interaction industrial equipment to the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Product contact hotline: 400-018-2086.

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