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" Energize Hyetone, Bloom FUN Wonderful" 2021 Ox Fish Mouth Reunion Activity

Source:未知 | Date:Dec 16th,2021


The spring breeze is ten miles.
I'm not as happy as you are at Hyetone.
There's more to life than what's in front of us.
There's more to life than what's right in front of you, and there's poetry and distant food.
Work is not only the two points of the office building and the dormitory.
There are also rich and colorful group building

Gather and set off

December 11, 2021 08:30 everyone on time to the meeting point to start, we went to the beautiful city of Qingyuan Niuhuizui held 2021 reunion, today is to hit the glass bridge barbecue play a dragon, everyone in the beautiful Niuhuizui Scenic Area in front of a group photo to commemorate the occasion (the door of the fish is so delightful)!





Gaming Party


TOP1 Straw Transportation:
After the grouping is completed, each person's mouth to hold a straw, the first person in the straw to put a certain weight of the key ring, we can not use their hands to contact the straw and the key ring, but with the mouth to hold the straw posture of the key ring to pass to the next person, the two little brother due to the control of improper get off the key ring and accept the game punishment, face the young lady, shouted out loud: "I love you!" That said, this idea seems to be still our workshop Yin always come up with a sudden idea, hahaha! The idea was not meant to be. Will a good marriage start from here?




TOP2 Tug-of-war:
After everything was ready, with a "ready to start", the game began. Participating players are all full of energy, fight hard, pulling the rope. Each member of the team for the collective honor are riveted, the game on the "milk force"; waiting for the game of fists and palms; watching the battle shouting and cheering. The atmosphere of the scene was high, cheering one after another, the leaping silhouette formed a beautiful landscape, set off the beautiful youth.



Happy Hour-Barbecue

After a few rounds of the game challenge, partners stamina and energy are almost consumed, punctual "food" in their respective duties, washing dishes, skewers, barbecue, clear division of labor, tacit understanding, busy and happy, fully demonstrating the good spirit of the staff as well as the team style of upward mobility! Usually take the mouse, take the pliers hand on the brush after everyone instantly transformed into a "barbecue chef", not long, the scene is full of fragrance, we taste the barbecue food, laughing and chatting together in the delicious, at this moment, the pressure of work and the worries of life are in the laughter in the disappearance of smoke.





Clock in  - Glass Bridge


After eating and drinking, we will take the flying magic carpet to hit the "mirror in the sky", yes, the mouth of the bullfishes have a glass bridge, suspended 180 meters from the ground, the length of about 200 meters, very spectacular. Stroll on the bridge, step by step, the field of vision has become extremely wide, walk on the bridge east walk west walk, the heart vaguely some sense of accomplishment, after all! This glass bridge can be scared of several passers-by sister.



After the bridge, of course, to experience the glass slide ah, from the mid-level and the foot of the mountain, instantaneous, intense and exciting!广州海同工业技术有限公司


Finally, our supervisor Li led the partners, a slip of fast running, flying over the water bridge. Opened the water expansion! Partners throughout the automatic unlock 100 kinds of "self-help" tricks and 101 bridge posture, focusing on "pure joy" "pure decompression".



We will build up our foundation with our heart and soul, and show our team's strength with our troops and horses!
General Secretary Xi Jinping's message to the youth in the new era motivates and inspires every member of Hai Tong.
Vitality of Hyetone, bloom FUN wonderful!
Although this activity has come to an end, the future is just beginning.
The successful organization of this group building activity only serves as an opportunity.
Every member of Hai Tong will be motivated and energized.
In the future work, we will give full play to the team spirit, help each other and love each other.
We will devote ourselves to our work with a more enthusiastic attitude, inherit the culture of Hyetone and help the development of the company.



丨Hyetone Mission    


     Hyetone Industry closely links the mission of building a national innovative brand of Chinese industrial equipment with the destiny of the country, and continues to realize technological breakthroughs and development around the industrial concept of "Machines help human beings produce better". For the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, we will contribute to the technology and strength of human-machine interaction industrial equipment. Product contact hotline: 400- 018-2086.

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